Heating and Furnace Installation in Lexington, KY

furnanceWhether you need to replace your existing heating system because of a furnace failure or are simply hoping to minimize your energy expenditures, Cross Heating & Air Conditioning LLC is here to help you to find and install the heater that is right for you and your home.

We can install a wide range of heating systems and are capable of working with nearly any brand. Our team specializes in furnace installation in Lexington, KY, and we can help you identify the heating solution that best suits your space.

Types of Heating Systems

Different homes and lifestyles require different types of heating systems. We are here to help you find the heater that is right for you! Here are just some of the unit types that we are capable of installing:

  • Heat pumps:
    These innovative devices can be the perfect thing for you to use during your furnace replacement in Lexington, KY. Heat pumps are inexpensive to run when used correctly, and provide nearly instant heat to your space.
  • Natural gas:
    Because of the inexpensive price of natural gas, replacing your old furnace with a natural gas heater can be an excellent way to reduce your energy expenses and run your home in a more ecologically conscious manner.
  • Electrical central heating:
    This heating method provides you with unparalleled control over the temperature of your home. If installed and maintained correctly, electrical central heating systems can last an exceedingly long time.

We are proud to be an authorized Carrier dealer, and we are dedicated to providing you with the highest possible quality installation services, regardless of the type of heater you are putting into your home.

Install Heating Today

Don’t delay—you should install a new heater in your home sooner rather than later! Call Cross Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC today at 859-299-8969 to learn more about the types of systems that we are capable of installing and receive a quote.