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The Importance of Changing Your HVAC Filters Regularly

January 24, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Air filters are an absolutely essential part of your HVAC system. They block pollen, dust and dirt from circulating through your home, as well as larger things like insulation, which could pose big problems for your furnace unit in Lexington, KY. Because air filters are so important, they need to be changed regularly to maintain your furnace’s efficiency and long lifespan. Many homeowners forget to change the air filters in their HVAC system, resulting in more costly problems down the road. Clogged air filters are one of the top causes of HVAC system failure. We recommend you change your air... View Article

We Offer the Best Prices for Carrier Heating and Cooling Units!

December 13, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

The winter chill has finally arrived, and if your home is without heat, your property and its inhabitants are at serious risk. Now is the time to install a high-quality furnace system in your home, before it’s too late. If you’re in the market for a reliable furnace unit in Lexington, KY, we recommend purchasing a model built by Carrier. Not only are Carrier heating and cooling units reliable and long-lasting, they are also energy-efficient, helping you to cut down on utility costs this winter! But where can you find Carrier heating and cooling units for a good price? Cross... View Article