How to Avoid Common AC Problems This Summer

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The time when most people experience problems with their AC is the time when the AC is most likely to cause problems: the heat of summer. Most people don’t know how to properly care for their air conditioner and end up needing AC repair in Lexington, KY at some point during the hot summer months. Luckily, with proper AC maintenance and knowledge, you can follow these AC tips and keep cool all summer long:

  • Close the windows: Some people think airflow will help the AC work better, but that’s not true when you’re adding more hot air to the volume of air that the system is already trying to cool. Inside air and outside air need to be properly isolated from each other in order for the air conditioner to work properly, or the hot air that the unit is expelling is just going to come back in, resulting in an overworked AC and extremely high energy costs (and possibly a bill for emergency AC repair in Lexington, KY).
  • Turn off the AC when you’re away: Another mistake people make with their AC is running it too often. If you leave for work and leave your AC on, you’ve been paying to cool your space all day when you haven’t even been there. The hotter the temperature is outside, the more you’ll save by limiting the number of hours you spend cooling your home.
  • Close vents in unused rooms: Closing vents in rooms that aren’t being used will help your AC run more efficiently and cool the rooms that you’re inhabiting. The more air space that needs to be cooled, the longer it will take to cool down all that air, and the more energy will be expended, which means higher bills.
  • Set the temperature higher than your ideal: Setting the temperature very low just because you’re currently very hot will not speed up the cooling process. However, the AC will end up running longer than it would before, resulting in higher energy costs. The ideal energy-efficient temperature to set your thermostat at is 78°F when you’re at home, and 88°F when you’re away.
  • Use a ceiling fan: Using a ceiling fan will boost the efficiency of your AC and help make the room feel cooler. Circulating cool air by using a fan will help the AC run more efficiently, meaning it won’t have to run as long to cool down the air, and will help keep costs low.
  • Practice proper AC maintenance: Change your air filters once a month to ensure that particles aren’t building up in your system and slowing the unit down. Plus, have your AC cleaned between seasons so you can avoid buildup and costly AC repair in Lexington, KY. You should be getting regular checkups on a seasonal basis, whether you notice something amiss or not!

For AC repair in Lexington, KY and regular system maintenance, contact Cross Heating & Air Conditioning Services, LLC. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry and can help you make sure your AC is running smoothly and efficiently all summer long.

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