Here’s Why Your Home AC Smells Funny on First Use

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The weather has finally warmed up, and you’re getting ready to cool your home by turning on the air conditioning. You crank the temperature down and wait for a fresh blast of cool air to come out of the vents. Instead, you get the shock of a nasty odor coming from all the vents in your home.

If you turn on your AC unit and notice a funny smell, there’s no need to panic. Just get in touch with your local heating and cooling company for air conditioning maintenance in Lexington, KY. Your air conditioning service technician will be able to help you fix the issue that is causing the weird smells. Here are just a few of the common reasons your home’s AC unit might smell when you first turn it on for the season.

Dirty Sock Syndrome

It’s fairly common for the first smell you get after turning your air conditioner on after a long winter to be comparable to stinky feet or dirty socks. This gross smell can linger throughout your home and can indicate that you have mildew and dust on the evaporator coils of your AC unit. Due to the dark, damp environment of the interior of your AC unit, it’s easy for mildew and mold to begin growing on the evaporator coils.

The best way to deal with dirty sock syndrome or the smell of stinky feet is to contact your HVAC company and schedule AC maintenance in Lexington, KY. The problem is usually easy for your service technician to resolve. They will have the tools needed to take apart your AC unit and clean the coils or other parts that have begun to develop mildew, taking care of the stinky feet smells.

Rotting Garbage Smells

Over the winter months, small animals can make homes in the many small crevices and cracks of your AC unit. Unfortunately, these small animals often crawl into the unit and end up dying. If you turn on your air conditioning and get a whiff of rotting garbage, a dead animal is usually to blame.

Dead animals can carry a variety of diseases and health hazards. If you suspect a small animal, such as a mouse or bird, has died in your air conditioning unit, contact your HVAC company right away. An AC service technician can then come out and perform proper air conditioning maintenance in Lexington, KY.

Burning or Electrical Smells

No one wants to turn on their air conditioner and smell a burning odor. If your AC unit emits a burning smell, you may have overheating parts. The first thing you should do is turn off the unit and disconnect it from the electrical system using your breaker box.

Dust that has settled over the winter is a common cause of a burning smell in your AC unit. If it is just dust, your unit will need a quick cleaning from a service technician. However, the smell may be coming from an overheating motor or other electrical problem. Get in touch with your HVAC company and set up an appointment for AC maintenance in Lexington, KY right away.

Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance in Lexington, KY

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