Five Things to Check Before Calling an HVAC Company

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You should never hesitate to call a professional HVAC service in Lexington, KY when you’re in need of help. After all, it’s our job to ensure that your heating and air conditioning always keep your home as comfortable as possible. However, you want to make sure when you pick up the phone that you actually do need professional help, and it’s not just a situation that you can troubleshoot easily on your own.

Check your breaker

The first thing you’ll want to check before calling us is your circuit breaker. Often, a circuit breaker will trip to prevent a fire or other electrical problem. All you have to do is flip it back the other direction to reset it. If you seem to be resetting your circuit breaker a lot, though, it could mean that you have an electrical problem and you need to call a professional electrician to take a look.

Is the gas on?

If your furnace runs on gas instead of electricity, you’ll want to make sure that the gas is actually on before you take the time to call an HVAC service in Lexington, KY. We find that this is usually only a problem when people move into a new house and neglect to call the gas company to get themselves set up with service. If the gas is on and your furnace still isn’t working, though, be sure to call us as soon as possible!

Check the indoor and outdoor switches

Many HVAC systems have indoor and outdoor safety switches that help prevent fires and other emergency situations. While they’re undoubtedly great features to have, it’s a pain when they’re accidentally switched off, and you have to pay a professional to flip a switch. Not all makes and models have switches in the same location, so you might need to look up your model online before calling.

Replace your thermostat batteries

Not feeling that rush of fresh, cold air when you lower the temperature in your home must be a frustrating situation. What do you pay an energy bill for if you can’t feel the cool air? Before you panic and call, check to make sure that the batteries in your thermostat aren’t dead or low. You’d hate to pay a pro for a service call to replace a couple of batteries!

Change your air filter

Last, but certainly not least, check and change your air filter before calling an HVAC service in Lexington, KY. There are too many cases where homeowners neglect to change their filter and are surprised when they can’t feel the heat or AC come out because the filter is full of dust and debris. Your air filter should be changed at least once a month to ensure your unit is energy efficient and performs to the best of its ability.

Cross Heating & Air Conditioning Services, LLC is available 24/7 to help you in your time of need—but be sure to double check everything before you call us. We’d hate for you to pay for unnecessary services!

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