Why It’s Important to Use the Correct Filter for Your AC

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To understand why it is so important that the correct air filter be used with your system, you must first know about everything that your filter does to keep the air clean and your air conditioner protected. With that in mind, your local air conditioning service in Lexington, KY is here to explain just what air filters do, and why you should pay special attention to the air filters that you are using with your system.

What do air filters do?

The primary purpose of the air filter is to protect the air conditioning system itself. Without a filter in place, all of the debris and dust that you see every time your filter is replaced would be going directly in to your fan and other internal components of your air conditioner. As you can imagine, if these impurities made direct contact with these interior parts, premature wear and the need for frequent repairs would be the results. Since the air filter is busy protecting the openings of your air conditioner system, you and your family are able to enjoy air that is clear of debris and other pollutants that could cause respiratory issues and extra mess within your home.

Why is using the right filter so important?

In addition to keeping debris and other contaminants from clogging up your air conditioner, your filter is also responsible for promoting sustained airflow within the system. Although you want to eliminate any chance for dirt and debris to enter your air conditioner, it is just as important that your system be freely able to take in the air it needs. For this reason, in addition to making sure that your filter is changed frequently, you must also make sure that you are using the right size filter to meet your system’s demands.

In the same way that a dirty filter restricts airflow, so too can a filter that isn’t a good fit for your system. If the fibers of the filter are too tight and airflow is restricted, the filter could end up doing more harm than good when your system has to work that much harder to condition your home. In the end, your energy efficiency could end up taking a hit, and you could be wearing your entire system down much quicker than you otherwise would.

It is recommended that air conditioners filters be changed every few months, but be sure to check on the condition of your filter frequently to see if you need to change it more often. If you have any questions about which filter is best for your system, or need general air conditioning service in Lexington, KY, contact the experts at Cross Heating & Air Conditioning Services, LLC. For more than 25 years, we have been helping homewoners in the area with all of their cooling needs, big and small, and we’d love to help ensure your system is ready for another summer. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment so your air conditioner can get the care it needs.

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