Why You Should Do Furnace Maintenance During the Summer

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Winter is on its way out and the warmer months of spring and summer are ready to arrive. This means that, pretty soon, you won’t be using your furnace or heating system. Your furnace will get a much-deserved break, but before the heat arrives you should consider performing some maintenance. Why do it at the end of the winter season, you ask? Well, it’s the perfect time for your furnace technician to do a complete checkup and make any needed repairs.

With that in mind, let’s delve further into why it’s a good idea to hire HVAC contractors in Lexington, KY to perform crucial furnace maintenance during the warmer months.

Why it makes sense to prepare your heater during warmer weather

There is more than one reason why you’d want to get this type of service done in the spring or summer in preparation for next fall and winter. First, heating systems get used less and less as the weather starts warming up, so furnace repair companies are not as busy. Their service schedules are more open, meaning you will have your pick of appointment times. Also, you won’t be needing the heat when outdoor temperatures are toasty. Your furnace will not be turning on and the system will be cool, meaning the technician can safely inspect the entire system. Another perk of doing furnace maintenance during warmer weather is not having to worry if repairs cannot be finished quickly.

What happens during a furnace tune-up

Along with regular maintenance, your appointment should include a complete tune-up of your heating system. Your heating technician will look for issues and make necessary repairs, and clean and check the entire system so you know that everything is ready to go when chilly weather returns. Below are some steps a heating technician will take:

  • Clean the motor and fans: The moving parts on your heating system can accumulate dirt and dust even though it’s in use. A good cleaning will reduce wear and tear and help these parts function at peak performance.
  • Deal with ductwork: To improve your home’s indoor air quality, the system’s ductwork will need to be cleaned and checked for leaks. Dust in the ducts can make the air stale, while sealing leaks allows warm air to properly disperse throughout your home.
  • Change the air filters: Changing dirty filters will reduce your odds of needing future furnace repairs and keep your system running smoothly all season long.
  • Check for any safety issues: Furnace safety concerns can range in severity, but may include problems with system connectors, fuel leaks and holes in the furnace’s firebox.

Of course it’s best to leave furnace repairs to the professionals, but there are many things homeowners can do to get their furnace ready for idle time—including cleaning around the furnace to reduce the risk of fires the next time it’s powered on, and cleaning or replacing dirty furnace filters.

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