How to Change Your HVAC Filter

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Unless you’re an HVAC technician, you probably don’t know everything there is to know about your heating and air conditioning system. You most likely don’t know how to fix various parts of the AC unit, or what to do when your furnace starts making strange noises. One thing you should know, though, is how to replace your air filter. The air filter is a vital component of every HVAC system in Lexington, KY. Continue reading to learn a little bit more about your air filter and how easy it is to replace:

  • Buy the right filter: Upon walking into a hardware store, you’ll soon find out that HVAC filters come in all different sizes. The filter that works for one unit may not work for another. Speak to an HVAC professional before you head out to the store to pick up a filter. The last thing you want is to waste your time and money buying the wrong filter!
  • Turn off the unit: Before you replace your filter, ensure that your unit is off. Replacing a filter while your furnace is running can lead to disaster.
  • Replace the filter: Swapping out your filter is super easy once your unit is turned off. Simply locate the filter door, pull out the old filter and slide the new one in. Be sure to flip the switch to turn your unit on again after the filter is replaced!
  • Dispose of the old filter: Unlike other components of your HVC system, your filter can go to the landfill. All you have to do is put your filter in a trash bag and toss it in your trash can.

When should you change your filter?

Most experts recommend changing your HVAC filter once a month, especially if you have pets, as their hair and dander can tend to clog up your filter rather quickly. You should also consider changing your filter once a month (or more regularly) if someone in your home suffers from allergies. HVAC filters prevent pollen and other allergens from floating through your home and exacerbating breathing problems.

While changing your filter once a month can help improve your home’s air quality, it might not be enough in certain conditions. Replace your filter immediately if it’s damaged, damp or shows signs of mold or mildew growth.

DIY or expert help?

As we’ve seen above, changing your filter isn’t all that difficult. That being said, you may want to consider hiring a professional to replace your filter. One of our professionals will ensure your filter is replaced correctly, and that the right size filter is used. A professional HVAC technician won’t just replace your filter when he pays a visit to your home. One of our pros can also perform a full inspection of your HVAC unit to ensure everything is working properly. If there does seem to be something wrong, we’ll be able to fix the problem right away so your unit won’t break down all together.

If it’s been a while since your filter has been changed, or if you haven’t had your HVAC system in Lexington, KY serviced this winter, give Cross Heating & Air Conditioning Services, LLC a call! One of our pros will come out to your home as soon as possible to replace your filter, perform a full inspection and fix anything that’s amiss.

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