How to Prevent Your Furnace from Breaking Down in Winter—and What to Do If It Does

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During the cold winter months, you rely on your furnace to keep you and your family warm and your home safe. Without adequate heat, your family might face serious health risks, and your home is susceptible to frozen or burst pipes and other damage. In short, a working furnace is absolutely essential throughout the entire season.

In order to maintain your furnace’s durability through the cold, you’ll need to do a few things to keep it in good shape. Even then, though, your furnace may go out and you’ll suddenly need heating repair in Lexington, KY. In order to stay warm this season, here are some tips on preventing furnace breakdowns and what to do if your unit does stop working.

Avoiding furnace repair in Lexington, KY

The most important part of keeping a furnace running is conducting preventative maintenance and routine HVAC system checks. These provide peace of mind that, when the temperatures drop, your home will remain safe and warm.

Call a professional and have them conduct a thorough furnace inspection in Lexington, KY. This inspection will include a visual check, a system cleaning and preventative maintenance on the unit. Having an inspection done sooner rather than later can help you avoid costly repairs, increase energy efficiency and prevent breakdowns that leave you in the cold.

What to do if your heating unit breaks down

Perhaps you forgot to schedule a furnace inspection and your heating unit suddenly breaks down mid-winter. What then? If your furnace stops working, there are a few things you should do to protect your family and your property.

First, check to make sure the furnace is not emitting a smell of rotten eggs. This sulfurous, rotten smell is caused by a natural gas leak in your home and is very dangerous. If you notice the smell, leave the house immediately and call your gas company.

If you find no signs of a gas leak, you can try troubleshooting the furnace by checking the circuit breaker, fuses and the thermostat. You may be able to easily resolve the issue yourself. If you try these things and your furnace still isn’t working, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Call a reliable HVAC specialist to conduct furnace repair in Lexington, KY. If the professional you hire offers 24/7 emergency services, you shouldn’t have to wait long to restore heat in your home. In the meantime, use alternative heating methods such as personal space heaters to keep warm. You can also place a portable heater near your main water pipe to prevent it from freezing.

Trust us for furnace inspection in Lexington, KY

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